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Neo Logistic Neo Logistic S.R.L. is formed by a group of trained professionals who offer comprehensive services for import-export logistics. You can trust our company with every operation related to Foreign Trade. Combining vast expertise in commerce and personalized attention, Neo Logistic has its clients’ best interest in mind when offering logistics solutions.

Aim / To provide a comprehensive, dynamic and effective service, capable of satisfying all our customers’ needs. In Neologistic, we aim to advice and assist in the decision-making process, participating in the development and growth of your business. Rather than just render a service, we become partners in your endeavors.

Mission / To provide a comprehensive service so that our clients trust us with all transactions related to foreign trade.

Vision / To offer a fully personalized and highly-professional service, guaranteeing maximum efficiency of the process and providing a safe, first-rate service.


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Neo Logistic495 Adolfo Alsina st, 10th floor, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. República Argentina.
Tel/Fax: (5411) 5238-8002 rotating lines | [email protected]